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The Coco-Beach restaurant Nice: press book

Article paru dans Saturday Times (24 Mai 2008 - 3 pages - 2,43 Mo)

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Extract from “MAISONS d’Hôte & Demeures de CHARME” (Maisons d’hôtes and delightful dwellings)

“…an extraordinary location, like a balcony over the Mediterranean; with real fish and the spirit of Nice as a bonus….Courgette fritters and pissaladière accompany the fish soup, grilled fish and bouillabaisse, and all in a very pleasing atmosphere. Although you are near to port, you are already off on a trip to distant shores…”

Extract from “MARIANNE”  by Périco LEGASSE
“COCO-BEACH just off Nice
Set on the ledge which surrounds Mont Boron, just beyond the old port of NICE, COCO-BEACH is a challenge; a challenge to the sea, and to our epoch and current fashions too. Built in 1936 by JEAN-BAPTISTE COCO, a Sicilian fisherman, the restaurant was conceived as a ship’s cabin overlooking the wine-dark sea, fringing la baie des ANGES. This place stays in the collective memory thanks to the founder’s grand-daughter and her husband, who are perpetuating the tradition of fish grilled over a log fire…)

Article appearing in VOYAGE DANS LA France LITTERAIRE (A trip through literary France)
From DIMANCHE D’AOUT (A Sunday in August)  (1986) by PATRICK MODIANO
“The entire baie des ANGES seemed to open out in front of Sylvia and me with its shadowy pools of darkness and areas of more brilliant light. Floodlights lit up the rocks and the wedding cake from the war memorial to the foot of the hill with the Castle.”

Extract from Cartes sur tables (Cards on the table) (NICE MATIN) by Christian PERRIN
“… There was no trace of meat on the menu here apart from Parma ham and foie gras as a starter.  Fish and shellfish are the staples here, from the eternal COCO oysters to the crawfish or slipper lobster grilled over a log fire.  The daily specialities, capons, sea bass, John Dory and other sea bream are cooked in the simplest way imaginable.  Their irreproachable freshness obviously has its price...